Computing Club's Winter Contest

Welcome to Computing Club's Winter Contest!

The problem setters for this contest are Zeyu and allentao.

You have 150 minutes (previously updated from 120) to solve 4 problems with difficulty ranging from CCC J3 to S3. Each problem is worth a total of \(100\) points.

In case of ties, the sum of the time penalties will be used as tiebreaker for this contest.

Additional Information:

  • Make sure you read all of the problems. There will be subtasks that allow you to get partial points, and every point counts.
  • All problems have been tested with C++ and Python. The time limit for each problem will be at least 2x the reference solution's execution time.
  • As with any contest, discussing contest problems before the contest end date is strictly prohibited. The only exception is the post-contest discussion channel in the club server, which can only be accessed once your window is over.

Good luck!


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