A CCC Preparation Problem

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Points: 1
Time limit: 1.0s
Memory limit: 2M

Problem type

A frequent complaint about the CCC is that it is too hard and not beginner friendly enough. This makes many people upset and makes them want to quit.

It is the goal of this problem to make a problem which hopefully anyone can solve.

How do you produce a problem which anyone can solve? The way to do so is to make the problem as accessible as possible. If we look at the CCC ranking model, we can see that all topics have a lower bound on their difficulty. For example, problems which require knowledge of arrays must be at least J4, problems which require knowledge of graph theory must be at least S2, and problems which require knowledge of dynamic programming must be at least S3.

The easiest problems are J1, but generally assume knowledge of I/O. However, they also have some other implicit assumptions, such as the ability to write programs that compile or the ability to read and comprehend a problem statement.

This problem has been designed in a way that it should be solvable by anyone who is capable of making a submission to this problem, which we lower bound at J0.


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